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To download the MAKERS App on your Android, follow these simple steps:

Remember to connect to Wi-Fi before downloading large apps to avoid using your mobile data.

  1. Unlock your iPhone and go to the home screen.
  2. Locate and tap the "App Store" icon, which is blue with a white capital "A" in a white circle.
  3. If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID and password or use your registered fingerprint or Face ID.
  4. Tap the "Search" icon at the bottom right of the screen, which is a magnifying glass.
  5. Type MAKERS in the search bar at the top and press "Search" on the keyboard.
  6. Browse the search results to find the MAKERS app and tap on it.
  7. Tap the "Get" or cloud icon with a downward arrow next to the app's name to start the download process.
  8. If prompted, confirm your download by double-clicking the side button (for Face ID) or using your fingerprint (for Touch ID), or enter your Apple ID password.
  9. Once the download is complete, the MAKERS app icon will appear on your home screen. Hold the app down until it wobbles to move it to your first screen.
  10. Tap the Gold Ring icon to open and use the app.