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MAKERS Wealth Management
is a Texas-based, woman-owned,
full service financial advisory firm,
providing exceptional client service, 
comprehensive investment management,
and in-depth financial planning.

At MAKERS Wealth Management,
we are here to...

We champion, support, and uphold your best interests in all aspects of your financial landscape.


We ensure that you have all the tools you need as you journey toward financial health and freedom.


We want you to see a MAKER in the mirror, one who faces the future with hope and confidence.

Financial Services
Gina Hughes

Owner and Senior Financial Advisor

Financial Services
Lisa Shelton

Owner and Senior Financial Advisor



Have big dreams and big plans.

Are preparing for or living in retirement.

Are working through complicated life transitions.

Appreciate quality investment advice and guidance.

Value open, honest communication.

MAKERS are those,

who by choice or circumstance, 

are making life-changing

financial decisions.

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