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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about MAKERS?

We are a Texas-based, woman-owned, full-service financial advisory firm. We provide exceptional client service, comprehensive investment management, in-depth financial planning, and most of all, we serve as your advocate. When you succeed, we succeed.

What can I expect from a partnership
with MAKERS?

At MAKERS, we have a freedom of approach not found at large Wall Street firms that often place restrictions on offerings, pricing, and the availability of fund managers. This freedom, combined with our fiduciary responsibility to our clients, allows us to make and implement a results-focused, customized investment plan for you.

We offer a robust toolbox of solutions, and when combined with our team approach, best-in-industry technology, and a wider choice of investments, we offer you a relationship and a financial plan tailored to your needs and your preferred communication style.

As fiduciaries, we are held to a high standard of conduct and are required to make decisions with our clients’ best interests first. We continually monitor your advisory portfolios and financial circumstances, and we adhere to an established process as we partner with you to meet your financial goals.

Who do you serve?

Our clients:

  • Have big dreams and big plans

  • Are either preparing for or living in retirement

  • Are often working through complicated life transitions

  • Desire guidance and open communication

  • Need quality investment advice

  • Want to be prepared for unexpected volatility

  • Need a wide range of investment products and services to match their growing needs

  • Depend on us to help them plan for the future

  • Need a sounding board to navigate important financial decisions

  • Want to understand how to balance risk and returns

  • Value and appreciate our transparency when it comes to management fees

Some examples of how we assist our clients and their life events:

  • Planning for retirement so you can do what you enjoy

  • Anticipating future needs of parents and children

  • Facilitating estate planning and wealth transfer

  • Recovering from a divorce and building a new financial plan

  • Adjusting long term plans when the unexpected happens

  • Educating clients when the spouse “who handled the money” passes

  • Preparing for the rising costs of retirement

  • Reassuring you that we’re overseeing your portfolio when the TV news is bleak

  • Creating income streams for retirees from their investments and “mailbox money”

  • Presenting different RMD strategies after age 72, to include charitable giving

  • Investing new money from the sale of a business, 401(k) roll-over, inheritance, or royalties

If you are experiencing one of these events or going through a transition, we're here to help you create a safe and successful passage to financial security.

Who is a MAKER?

YOU are, if you:

  • Lead a family, a company, or a nonprofit (or aspire to)

  • Practice delegation and see the value in hiring experts to assist you

  • Admit what you don’t know and are open to discovery

  • Work hard, striving for success as you define it

  • Desire to leave the world better because you were here

  • Value life-long learning

  • Believe that every decision counts

We are MAKERS, and we believe you are, too.

Who will I be working with?

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and that can only be done with a proactive and competent team. We look forward to introducing you to:

We look forward to serving you.

What do the three interlocking gold circles in your logo represent?

The circles represent you (our client), Lisa, and Gina.

The two outside circles represent us on either side of the center circle. 

At the center is YOU. 


We are interlocked with you – Advocating, Equipping, and EMPOWERING you – on your financial journey.

A circle reminds us of an ongoing relationship that is continuous and resilient.

Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity – which are goals we want to help you achieve.

Each element of our logo is intentional and was designed around our relationship with you!

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