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Our Approach

MAKERS was created out of a passion to change the way financial planning and wealth management are provided in our industry. We want to engage with you in ways that go beyond a meeting once a year.

We want to be your dedicated partner, a trusted confidante and sounding board, providing guidance and support for all the significant financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.


We’re proud to be a “boutique-style” firm, allowing us to focus on a select client base with hands-on service. No cookie cutter plans or “one-size-fits-all” here – we’re always looking at your financial plan through the lens of the life you want to live.

As you walk through the inevitable transitions in life, your needs are bound to change, and we can rapidly respond to those changes and be available when you need us most.

When you engage with MAKERS, you’ll always know you’ve been heard, understood, and have a team committed to your best interest as we walk with you every step of the way.


  • Put your interests first, not corporate goals or quotas

  • Communicate those interests in mediation when requested

  • Include family members in discussions when helpful

  • Keep communication clear and honest, in all areas including fees

  • Adapt plans as life and markets change

  • Guide you through financial planning as a committed partner through all financial decisions


  • Make custom financial plans, focused on your need for personalized solutions

  • Offer help for all life stages, helping prepare you for a wide range of transitions

  • Share market updates and strategies, keeping you informed as a decision-maker

  • Use strong checks and balances, partnering with the best professionals

  • Work with trusted experts in related fields for well-rounded planning



  • Plan based on your full financial picture and your unique situation

  • ​Offer tailored advice, helping you feel supported and informed​​

  • Focus on long-term goals, helping you build and maintain your wealth confidently

  • ​Boost financial literacy, giving you knowledge that promotes more control over your financial future

  • Celebrate your growth, invest in your achievements

How We Work Together

From our very first call to the onboarding of your financial plan and assets and all ongoing contacts, we want you to know what you can expect from MAKERS

How We Get Started

We aren’t here to manage your financial life for you. We’re here to work with you and on your behalf, and that only happens with effective communication. 

MAKERS Commitment to Communication

When it comes to our fees, we have one goal: No surprises. 


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