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What Is a Fiduciary and
Why Does It Matter?


(n.) a representative obligated or committed to act in the best interest of one who has entrusted something valuable

(adj.) relating to the trust between a beneficiary and the one who, in an official capacity, represents the best interest of a client 

As fiduciaries, we are committed to creating a partnership that aligns with our clients. We succeed when you succeed.

MAKERS adhere to the following fiduciary standards – We will:

  • Serve the client’s best interests

  • Act in utmost good faith

  • Act prudently – with the care, skill, and judgment of a professional

  • Avoid all conflicts of interest

  • Disclose all material facts

  • Control investment expenses

Your partnership with MAKERS begins and ends with the trust you place in us.

We Are Independent

What does it mean to have a financial advisor who is “independent"? And what is the value to you?

The Advantage of Independence

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