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MAKERS Wealth Management is a woman-owned comprehensive financial advisory firm that empowers women to reach their financial goals.

Dominion Magazine

One of the most devastating experiences in life is the loss of a spouse. And the last thing you want amidst the grief and confusion is not knowing where you stand financially or how to take those first steps toward doing everything on your own.

Our latest article in DOMINION magazine will help you think through and prepare for the unexpected, and we’ll show you how having a plan in place ahead of time can bring you peace of mind.

At MAKERS Wealth Management,
we are here to...


We champion, support, and uphold your best interests in all aspects of your financial landscape.


We ensure that you have all the tools you need as you reach for your financial goals.


We help bring out the MAKER in you, the one on her way to making dreams come true for herself and her family.


You deserve to face the future with hope and with confidence in your decisions, and we want you to see a MAKER in the mirror. 

MAKERS are women who, by choice or circumstance, 

are making life-changing financial decisions. 


Have big dreams and big plans

Are preparing for or living in retirement

Are working through complicated life transitions

Appreciate quality investment advice and guidance

Value open, honest communication.

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