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Elisabeth Lopez

Director of Operations and Client Relations

I am a MAKER. For more than 20 years, I’ve invested in people by supporting organizations through business management, strategic planning, and employee relations. Before joining MAKERS Wealth Management, my career was primarily focused within the legal industry working in Houston and San Antonio for both mid-size, local, and large international law firms. Along the way, I learned the importance of building a strong, sustainable foundation and a respectful, inclusive culture, while fostering key relationships at all levels of leadership. I believe mentoring and creating opportunities for others are some of the greatest measures of success. 


Teams are like families in the sense that shared values and trust are key. My husband and daughter have helped me grow in my understanding of what it looks like to create a strong, supported team that can go the distance. In the same way, our team at MAKERS is committed to partnering with our clients to understand their values and earn their trust. We are here to support you and your financial future, for the long term.


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