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Our Fee Structure

We believe that trust is built through transparency.

We have created a simple, straight forward approach to managing assets for our clients.  Similar to a monthly subscription or annual membership cost we assess a management cost that is all inclusive of our core services.  This creates a cost that is predictable for our clients.  Ongoing management fees are deducted directly from the managed assets on a quarterly basis.  All assets under managed are totaled to calculate your fee, not account by account.


  • $250,000 - $1M = 1.25% 
  • $1M - $5M= 1.05%
  • Over $5M=  .75bps

MAKERS offers our clients the opportunity to work with us on a fee-basis. We believe this links our compensation directly to the performance of an individual's portfolio and helps eliminate any potential conflict of interest when it comes to our recommendations for your financial success.