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Advocating for You
During Your Separation and
Then Preparing for Life
After Divorce

Separation or divorce can have a major impact on your goals and plans. We can work with you to help you gain an understanding of your unique situation and provide you with a realistic financial picture so that you are better situated to communicate with legal counsel, a mediator, or soon-to-be ex-spouse. We can assist in developing cash flow and net worth projections and budgetary analysis, as well as help you understand what the consequences and benefits are regarding a settlement.

The ending of a marriage may be the first time a woman comes face to face with the reality that financially she is not her husband's equal. She may have stayed home to raise children and run a household and might never have worked outside the home until a divorce. Perhaps she accepted work roles with less pay than her partner in exchange for the flexibility to relocate to a new city or to adjust to the kids' summer schedules. She might have juggled her career with the responsibilities of caring for her aging parents or in-laws.

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